Disrupting the $30Billion BI market with Omni’s Founder Colin Zima

In this episode of the Venture-Scale SaaS Operator, Colin Zima talks about building a one-for-all BI platform, Omni. Omni allows data teams to freely build and share a reliable model that is user-friendly for all skill levels to access, explore, and share data​​ and has the speed and freedom of SQL.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ Using data to grow a company.
~ What BI looks like in daily usage.
~ Importance of industry expertise in building a startup.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:10) - What problem does Omni solve?
  • (02:09) - Who's the typical buyer for Omni right now?
  • (03:29) - Difference between building the first startup compared to the second startup.
  • (08:38) - How Omni got a dream VC start?
  • (10:45) - Omni's team and IPO talks.
  • (11:48) - How does Colin handle the pressure of building a VC-backed company?
  • (14:39) - Is Omni using Omni to grow?
  • (19:19) - Data mistakes people make.
  • (21:13) - How to get new employees up to date with the team's experience and context?
  • (24:56) - Outro

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Nikolas Chapoupis


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Nikolas Chapoupis
Nikolas Chapoupis
Founder of EarlyNode & ReactSquad.io (React Agency for SaaS Startups)
Disrupting the $30Billion BI market with Omni’s Founder Colin Zima
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