Helping startups spend wisely with Noah Wittman, Founder of Priviom

In this episode of The Venture-Scale SaaS Operator, Noah Wittman, founder of Priviom, talks about the challenges of managing SaaS spend and renewals at scale. He shares how Priviom's platform helps companies gain visibility into their SaaS usage, identify underutilized tools, and optimize their spending.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ How Priviom helps companies make data-driven decisions about their SaaS investments.
~ The challenges of managing SaaS sprawl and the importance of visibility into usage.
~ Noah's journey from enterprise sales to SaaS founder.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:29) - Problem Priviom Solves for its Customers
  • (02:29) - Target Customer Base of Priviom
  • (04:03) - Clarifying the Mid-Market Range for Priviom's Customer Base.
  • (06:39) - Origin of the Problem Priviom Aims to Solve and Noah's Transition from Sales to Founder
  • (13:20) - Early Stages of Priviom, Funding, and Challenges and Decisions Faced
  • (18:13) - Navigating the Lack of Technical Co-founder
  • (20:28) - Advice for Non-Technical Founders in Search of a Technical Lead
  • (28:43) - The Challenges and Learnings of Hiring for Critical Roles
  • (31:20) - Lessons Learned and What Noah Would Do Differently If Given the Chance to Start Anew
  • (35:42) - Outro

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Nikolas Chapoupis
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Helping startups spend wisely with Noah Wittman, Founder of Priviom
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