How Aleksandar Orlić Grew Randevu to Six-Figure ARR with One Decision

On this episode of The SaaS Operator Podcast, Aleksandar Orlić was our guest. Aleksandar's journey evolved from hands-on coding to leading development teams. He mentions the importance of following your passion, especially for meaningful impact. Aleksandar explains how his role changed when he moved from CTO to  CEO, with new challenges and wins.

He also describes how Randevu's revenue model changed from one-time fees to a subscription-based system. In this podcast he showcases how businesses can adapt and grow. Curious about what it takes to go from tech expert to startup founder?

Tune in to learn more about:
~ Randevu’s buyer personas; Tech savvy users and business leaders
~ How to prioritize scalability over immediate profits
~ The benefit of having corporate experience before diving into entrepreneurship

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:15) - Introduction to Randevu: Target audience and purpose
  • (01:02) - Buyer and User Personas defined
  • (02:21) - Aleksandar’s journey from developer to founder
  • (05:22) - The switch from regular programmer to a top leadership role
  • (09:00) - CTO vs CEO: how the roles and responsibilities differ in startup leadership
  • (11:44) - Randevu’s evolution: From inception to team formation and product vision
  • (13:36) - Finding Randevu’s first 10 customers
  • (15:38) - Randevu’s revenue model
  • (18:39) - Choosing scalability: prioritizing API development over hourly services
  • (22:30) - Randevu’s current team size and evolution
  • (24:35) - Future plans: Expanding sales and product development with seed funding
  • (26:18) - Lessons learned: Navigating chaos, discipline and fundraising in the startup journey
  • (28:43) - Where to find Aleksandar Orlić online

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Nikolas Chapoupis
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How Aleksandar Orlić Grew Randevu to Six-Figure ARR with One Decision
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