How I Built And Sold My SaaS Startup With Veertly Co-Founder, Joao Aguiam

On this episode of The SaaS Operator Podcast, we host Joao Aguiam, founder of Veertly and Padely.

We discuss how Joao built and sold his startup, Veertly, to Swisscom. He walks us through how startups are sold. Everything from finding the right price to the roles investors play.

Joao talks about his journey from Portugal to starting Veertly in the US. He also explains how they capitalized on the virtual events boom during the pandemic. 

We then learn about Joao’s recent shift to building in public and what’s next for him. 

Tune in to learn more about:
~ Taking advantage of industry booms: How Veertly did it.
~ A serial founder’s guide to managing different startups and products
~ How startups are sold and the details of the Veertly-Swisscom exit
~ Joao’s shift to building in public

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:15) - Joao's background and journey from Portugal to the US
  • (01:24) - How Joao got into tech and startups
  • (02:18) - How Veertly was founded
  • (03:09) - What Veertly does
  • (04:07) - How Joao took advantage of the virtual platform bubble during the pandemic
  • (06:49) - Solving Veertly's marketing and positioning problem
  • (09:50) - Making the gamble to launch a new product - Gomada
  • (11:46) - Managing the startup team across different products
  • (15:26) - How the startup acquisition process works
  • (17:51) - Why Swisscom bought Veertly
  • (18:36) - How to determine the price for an acquisition
  • (19:45) - The role of investors in negotiation
  • (20:44) - What's next for Joao
  • (23:06) - Joao’s shift to building in public
  • (25:03) - Where to find Joao online

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Mentioned In The Episode - Flexible platform for your online events - Employee Engagement Software - React.js Agency for Startups

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How I Built And Sold My SaaS Startup With Veertly Co-Founder, Joao Aguiam
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