How Joe Thurman Switched from Building A Service Company to SaaS Business

On this episode of The SaaS Operator Podcast, we hosted Joe Thurman, co-founder of IIA Healthcare. IIA Healthcare is a SaaS that uses AI to help healthcare employers interview better. 

This episode features the story of how Joe and his team took an internal tool to market as a SaaS product with over $1M ARR and $6M funding raised.

Joe also gives us the scoop on acquiring a smaller startup, Gritly, and their plans for the future.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ IIA Healthcare’s value proposition, team structure, and growth 
~ How Joe built an internal tool into a successful SaaS product
~ Acquiring smaller startups as a growing startup
~ Hiring and managing engineering contractors engineering teams on contract

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:10) - What is IIA Healthcare, and who it is for
  • (01:30) - IIA’s founding journey
  • (03:37) - Transitioning from a service to SaaS
  • (06:50) - Taking an internal tool to market
  • (08:35) - Why they chose the VC route
  • (09:39) - IIA’s journey to raising $6M
  • (10:21) - IIA's current ARR and team size
  • (10:39) - The organizational structure at IIA Healthcare
  • (11:17) - The importance of a COO/Operator for startups
  • (12:05) - IIA's recent acquisition of a smaller startup
  • (12:35) - Behind IIA’s early decision to acquire a startup
  • (14:53) - Opportunities for startups to acquire venture orphans
  • (16:54) - Deciding to hire the engineering team as contractors
  • (19:10) - Keeping a committed team environment with contractors
  • (21:09) - Evolving IIA’s value proposition with growth
  • (25:46) - How IIA uses AI to improve hiring
  • (29:00) - IIA's plans for the next 2 years
  • (30:23) - Closing remarks

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How Joe Thurman Switched from Building A Service Company to SaaS Business
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