How Wissam Tabbara is Automating B2B Sales with AI at Truebase

On this episode of The SaaS Operator Podcast, we feature Wissam Tabbara, founder and CEO of Truebase. 

Truebase is an AI sales rep that helps B2B companies automate prospecting. Wissam gives us the scoop on how Truebase is navigating today’s rapidly changing AI space.

A four-time founder, he talks about how his past struggles with prospecting led to Truebase. He also shares the key lessons from his previous ventures that he’s applying now.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ How and why Truebase is building an AI sales representative
~ Truebase's strategies for navigating the fast-paced AI ecosystem
~ Insights from being a four-time founder

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:12) - How Truebase is using AI to change prospecting
  • (03:05) - Getting Truebase off the ground
  • (05:36) - Navigating the fast-paced AI ecosystem
  • (07:21) - Truebase's journey so far
  • (09:25) - Truebase’s growth strategy
  • (12:06) - Truebase's role in PLG sales motion
  • (14:40) - 3 key lessons from being a four-time founder
  • (19:08) - Where to find Wissam and Truebase online

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Mentioned In The Episode - AI Sales Representative for B2B Startups - React.js Agency for Startups

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How Wissam Tabbara is Automating B2B Sales with AI at Truebase
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