Launching a startup part-time with Popup’s founder Francesco Teodori

In this episode of the Venture-Scale SaaS Operator, Francesco Teodori talks about building and growing a “Phygital” experience app for events and venues, Popup. Popup allows users to search for events, meet new people, and engage in real-time interactions at their favorite venues. It also offers features like messaging, digital menus, and social functionalities for venue and restaurant owners.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ Using UGC ads for SaaS marketing.
~ Behind the scenes of working part-time on a startup.
~ Why you should never give up on a marketing channel.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:12) - What problem does Popup solve?
  • (02:21) - How Francesco found the problem?
  • (04:27) - Funding status of Popup.
  • (05:52) - How Francesco and his co-founder raised the initial investment for Popup?
  • (07:48) - What working part-time on a startup for 3 years looks like?
  • (10:07) - How does Popup get clients?
  • (13:30) - Does UGC Social Media ads work for SaaS?
  • (19:57) - What would Francesco do differently if he could start over?
  • (23:37) - Outro

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Mentioned In The Episode - An app for restaurant owners to maximize user experience. - React.js Agency for Startups

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Nikolas Chapoupis
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Launching a startup part-time with Popup’s founder Francesco Teodori
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