Lessons from 25 Years in Silicon Valley with Dan Turchin, Founder of PeopleReign

On this episode of The SaaS Operator Podcast, we follow the journey of tech veteran Dan Turchin. He founded PeopleReign, a platform that automates IT and HR services. 

This episode covers how PeopleReign started, its value proposition, the challenges, major milestones, and its mission to impact a billion people at work.

Dan talks about how focusing on customer value has been a key principle that has helped him stay relevant in tech since the 90s.

As a founder and investor, he also gives practical tips on finding founder-investor fit and managing relationships.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ Dan Turchin’s 25-year tech journey
~ PeopleReign’s founding story, challenges, and successes
~ The enduring importance of focusing on customer value
~ Finding founder-investor fit and managing founder-investor relationships

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:09) - Dan Turchin's background in tech
  • (02:25) - How focusing on customer value helped Dan adapt since the '90s
  • (04:45) - Relationship between employee satisfaction and customer value
  • (06:12) - What PeopleReign does
  • (06:53) - How PeopleReign works
  • (09:22) - Defining PeopleReign's ideal customer profile.
  • (10:26) - More about Dan's tech journey and how it led to founding PeopleReign
  • (12:33) - PeopleReign's mission statement
  • (13:15) - PeopleReign's current success, recent fundraise and notable clients
  • (15:35) - Advice for new founders on leading teams
  • (18:11) - Advice for new founders on decision-making
  • (20:57) - Finding the right founder-investor fit
  • (23:18) - How investors should think about startups they invest in
  • (24:00) - Tips for managing founder-investor relationships
  • (24:39) - War stories from the early days of PeopleReign
  • (28:20) - Where to find Dan Turchin and PeopleReign online

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Lessons from 25 Years in Silicon Valley with Dan Turchin, Founder of PeopleReign
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