This NLP startup went from research project to millions in funding

In this episode of The Venture-Scale SaaS Operator, we had the opportunity to host Patricio Utz, founder of Abstract. Abstract provides NLP tools to help lobbyists and companies understand how government policies and legislations impact their business.

Patricio talks about Abstract’s journey from a research project to a VC-backed SaaS with millions in funding. He also shares how they’re using AI to grow their product, Abstract’s early challenges, and his vc rejection story.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ Best way to retain employees.
~ Integrating Sales & Marketing Teams.
~ GTM strategies for enterprise sales.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:30) - How started and what’s its mission.
  • (01:07) - How Patricio realized the business use case of
  • (03:51) - Using B2C customers to reach B2B customers.
  • (05:44) - How is Patricio leveraging AI to expand Abstract’s use case.
  • (07:38) - Abstract’s funding history, team growth, and milestones.
  • (10:52) - Paricio’s approach to Go-to-Market strategy in enterprise sales.
  • (13:41) - Team composition of Abstract.
  • (15:32) - Integrating marketing and sales into a growth team.
  • (19:10) - Challenges and focus areas for the year ahead.
  • (21:31) - Maintaining company culture and employee retention strategies.
  • (23:40) - Key lessons learned in 2023 and strategy moving forward.
  • (25:45) - Where can you find Patricio and Abstract.
  • (26:24) - Outro

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Nikolas Chapoupis
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This NLP startup went from research project to millions in funding
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