Using machine learning to 3x asset management efforts with Ernest Chan, founder of PredictNow AI

In this episode of The SaaS Operator Podcast, we'll welcome Ernest Chan, the founder of Ernest shares the journey of a platform designed to transform the extremely competitive asset management sector, PredictNow.

With a rich background in both Wall Street asset management and machine learning research, Ernest merges these worlds to enhance asset managers' capabilities. stands out by promising at least 3x the effectiveness of asset managers using machine learning.

Tune in to learn more about:
~ Adapting to an evolving customer base.
~ Importance of data in product strategy for ML startups.
~ How to succeed with inbound marketing and public relations.

  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (00:34) - - What is PredictNow AI? And how does it help Asset Managers?
  • (01:48) - - What type of assets are best to manage using PredictNow?
  • (03:10) - - The importance of data in the global product strategy of a machine learning startup.
  • (06:27) - - Budget and ways to source and manage data for model training.
  • (10:05) - - The journey of building PredictNow AI.
  • (12:04) - - Customer types for PredictNow and how they adapted to evolving ICPs.
  • (17:02) - - How a top US Bank’s inbound email changed's trajectory?
  • (18:31) - - Ernest’s past in public relations and how it’s helping him with PredictNow.
  • (23:10) - - PredictNow’s team, revenue and their upcoming strategic merger.
  • (24:46) - - How Ernest’s co-founder found him through his books.
  • (26:54) - - Where can you find Ernest Chan and His Impactful Books Online.
  • (27:19) - Outro

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Using machine learning to 3x asset management efforts with Ernest Chan, founder of PredictNow AI
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